When God created the universe, he took five pillars. Those five pillars are the five elements. He built the entire planet using those five basic pillars. If any one pillar is lost, there is no planet. There is no Creation at all. Nothing––only emptiness. Using these five elements, he built up the universe from the emptiness.

Even God, Jesus, came in a human body. He was also born under the umbrella of the five elements. Mother Divine, She also came that way. Shiva also came the same way. Every energy in the entire universe is contained in the five elements. Our body, or any creation of God, is a piece of the five elements. You are completely purified when you go through the process of becoming one with the elements. For many, many hundreds of lifetimes, until you reach God, there is no chance that negative forces can come and touch you

At the edge of the lake Köyceğiz there will be a fire ceremony with the five elements.

Swami says: “The flame is the tiny symbol of the mighty light of God. It is a piece of the light of God that burns in every part of creation. 

Fire pujas help us in many ways… they help to discharge negative energy – they bring healing for body, mind and soul – they can have a positive influence on any kind of suffering, illness and pain – they relieve stress and heart break – they remove obstacles and problems – they fulfil heart desires…if we use them actively.

During this healing tour, on which personal needs can be met, energies trapped in the inner of our participants are released and help to create inner peace. A joint Satsang session will also be held with the participants who will have achieved a high level of awareness in the light of these sessions. We will seek reality, authenticity and truth in this session.

You can gain the following further experiences by reciting the mantras of the elements:

EARTH – You can really “arrive” here, transmit healing energy over great distances and attract abundance and prosperity.

FIRE – You open up to a profound cleaning process and can experience more clarity and willpower.

SKY – the angel energy is magnetically attracted

WATER – the element of feelings and mobility and the treatment of depression, rheumatism and arthritis

AIR – you can clarify your thoughts and wishes, protect yourself from negativity and energetically clean rooms.