Back to Nature

In harmony with nature and the environment we find well-being and relaxation in power places

Back to Nature - Alternate travel

We have forgotten for a long time where we come from and that we ourselves are only a small part of nature to which we seem so far away now. But it is nature itself that still has so much power that it almost seems like magic to us. Because this power of nature can help us to regain new energy after a short time. An energy we urgently need to function day after day.

Surely most of us may not be able anymore to escape this functioning and the routine of society in the long run. But we can learn to create a space to breathe deeply. And nowhere is this space of balance stronger than in nature. This is the energy we use for our healing journeys. During the hikes we move in harmony with nature and visit special places of strength in order to find relaxation and to improve our well-being.

„Relaxation and well-being can only be found in harmony with nature“


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00/00/2018 – 00/00/2018

Prices:,- Euro / Lira


7 nights FB Sultan Palas Hotel

  • Daily Yoga, Sport & Exercise in Nature
  • Guide to Relaxation
  • Meditation exercises
  • Conversation rounds
  • Guided hikes to power places
  • Excursion destination: Local mud & sulphur baths

Use of all facilities of the Sultan Palas Hotel.

Not included: Arrival and departure.



When we enter a place of power whose energy field has oscillation frequencies many times higher than our physicality, the oscillation of our own energy field is raised.

These are the places of strength that we visit on our hikes through nature. In addition to these excursions, meditation sessions are held in the midst of Mother Nature, surrounded by thousands of years old trees. Healing sessions are also organized by internalizing the enchanted rhythm of special mantras at sunset.