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Fasting walks support our body during detox fasting and give us time to regain strength.

Fasting: Back to health - Holiday

Body, mind and soul are not only regarded as a whole. Rather, they influence each other. Inner peace and balance are the key to a stress-free life. But these can only be found if our body also receives compensation. Sporting activities and sufficient exercise have long been known and proven measures for our physical health. Health insurance companies have been promoting sports activities for some time and are also increasingly supporting nutrition-relevant aspects. Because nutrition is an important pillar of our physical and mental health.

Since food has to go faster and faster and our sense of taste has been shaped by additives, many of us find it difficult to relate naturally to food. But besides environmental influences, nutrition is a major factor that accumulates acids and toxins in our cells, which we need to get rid of in order to help the body regain more strength.

„Therapeutic fasting is a way to free our body of energy-consuming ballast”“


00/00/2018 – 00/00/2018

00/00/2018 – 00/00/2018

Preice:,- Euro / Lira


7 nights Sultan Palas Hotel

  • Initial and valuation discussion
  • Food: Detox drinks, fruit and vegetable juices (ORGANIC)
  • Daily morning exercise
  • Daily exercise and sports programme
  • Kneipp treatments & liver wrap
  • Lymph drainage
  • Hammam treatment
  • Excursion destination: boat trip to the beach
  • Excursion destination: Local mud and sulphur baths
  • Excursion destination: Visit to the local market

Use of all facilities of the Sultan Palas Hotel.

Not included is the arrival and departure.



Fasting is a voluntary renunciation of certain foods and not only helps with weight loss. Rather, it is a building block for a healthy body and soul. On a physical level, cleansing is carried out, which in turn stimulates the regeneration and self-healing powers of the body.

This is the first step on the way to more energy and power. Buchinger’s fasting cure is perhaps the best known and most common fasting method. It is a drinking cure in which only natural drinks are consumed. These are vegetable broths or vegetable juice, juices, water and teas.