Back to tranquillity

Yoga, meditation and Asian techniques for relaxation help us to find our body’s own reserves of strength again.

Back to tranquillity - Meditation-Travel-Holiday

There are many relaxation techniques in Asia whose advantages we have recognized in Europe. Whether it is Qigong, Tai-Chi, Reiki or Shiatsu – they are all good against stress and for inner balance. In Europe, yoga is perhaps the best-known form of keeping the body fit and relieving tension at the same time.

All relaxation techniques leave plenty of room for meditation. This millennia-old method of concentration and focusing still offers us today an island in a world that is too fast-moving. In our modern society, stress has become a constant companion without compensation. The physical and psychological consequences are long known. But only rarely do we take the right to devote time to rest and for our body.

„Only if we find the strength from our inner peace can we face the problems of everyday life“


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00/00/2018 – 00/00/2018

PRICES:,- Euro / Lira


7 nights Sultan Palas Hotel

  • Daily Yoga & Meditations
  • Instructions Relaxation Technique & Meditation Exercises
  • Conversation rounds
  • Excursion destination: Boat trip to the beach

Use of all facilities of the Sultan Palas Hotel.

Not included is the arrival and departure.



Relaxation procedures serve to reduce physical and mental tension. Physical relaxation can be achieved through special exercises such as yoga, Pilates or other East Asian relaxation methods.

But relaxation techniques such as autogenic training or progressive relaxation are also very effective in relieving tension. Mental relaxation is promoted by the conscious experience of serenity. Mental satisfaction and physical well-being are closely linked.